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1.    Our offer is subject to availability at the time we receive your order. Please order as early as possible!

2.    All prices are in Euro (€). Minimum order value per order € 350,00
For smaller orders the following surcharges will apply     : Orders below € 125,00         -  150%
: Orders from € 125,00 to € 150,00    -  100%
: Orders from € 150,00 to € 200,00    -  50%
: Orders from € 200,00 to € 350,00    -  25%

3.    The following costs will be charged for all orders    : Packing materials at cost price.

4.    We do not accept orders from countries outside Europe. Orders/requests from non-EU countries in Europe are upon request and extra costs such as customs and phytosanitary matters apply.

5.    Price per 1.000 applies for quantities of 250 or more, price per 100 for quantities of 25 or more, price per 10 for quantities of 10 or more. Minimum value per rule/item is € 5,00 regardless the quantity ordered, with the exception for orders from countries outside the EU then minimum value per item is € 25,00 regardless the quantity ordered.

6.    All products are sold and delivered 'Ex warehouse Heemstede' and dispatched from there at the buyer's risk and expense. Partial shipments may be necessary and can occur without notice. Unless the buyer gives contrary instructions in writing before dispatch the seller will affect insurance (1.5%) upon the goods against transit risks at the buyer's expense. If the goods should be insured against risks of frost, strikes or other risks the buyer should give such instructions beforehand.

7.    Payment of the invoice(s) can be made by bank transfer in EURO (inform the rate of exchange for other currency).
Due to the high collection costs in The Netherlands, WE CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE anymore (unless requested before invoicing / dispatch). Upon request we can accept payments by PayPal but extra costs will apply, add 3,75% to the invoice amount for payment by PayPal (e-mail us for the details).

8.    All accounts are due 30 days after date of invoice. Ownership of goods is reserved until all obligations have been fulfilled. On all overdue accounts 1% interest per month will be charged, together with the administration and collection expenses.
Overdue invoices of more than 90 days will be outsourced to our collection agency Atradius. All additional costs will be for buyers account.

9.    Due to Value Added Tax rules which apply to the import and export of goods between member states of the European Community, the supply of goods to a VAT-registered buyer in another EC-country will be zero-rated if the buyer's valid VAT number is known to us when placing the order. If not, then VAT at the Dutch rate (currently 6% on seeds, bulbs and plants and 21% on additional costs) will be charged. If we need to change an invoice afterwards, extra costs apply.

10.    The seller warrants the goods to be true to name, sound and healthy at the time of loading. As the subsequent cultivation of the plants falls beyond the sellers control the seller cannot be held responsible for growing and/or flowering results. Our responsibility will be limited to the value of the products.

11.    All orders are booked subject to crop/availability and for countries outside the EU also subject to availability of the correct paperwork such as plant passport numbers and declarations on certificates for re-export. Total or partial failure of any harvest, owing to frost, flooding, drought, other causes, or loss or damage to seller's stocks by causes beyond his control, preventing the seller from fully performing an accepted order, shall relieve the seller from his obligations under the present contract to a corresponding extent.

12.    If any delivery to be made under an accepted order is cancelled wholly or in part at the instance of the buyer, the seller will be entitled to claim compensation from the buyer for the estimated loss such as unmarketable stock and labor.

13.    We pay as much attention as possible to the execution of your order. Should there, in spite of our care, be any goods damaged in transit, found to be short-packed on delivery or else, a complaint should be written and made within 8 days from receipt of the order. Our responsibility is limited to the value of the products.

14.    If at time of shipment the buyer's financial responsibility appears unsatisfactory to the seller, the seller may in his opinion cancel this order, as a whole or in part, provided that he shall promptly advise the buyer of such cancellation; and the seller shall not be responsible for any damages whatsoever arising from such cancellation. The seller is entitled to ask for
a partial or total prepayment before accepting an order.

15.    We do everything possible to prevent mistakes in prices and descriptions, no rights can be derived from this, if mistakes occur we reserve the right to alter prices and description.

16.    The placing of an order implies acceptance of these terms of sale.

17.    Any dispute arising under this contract shall be referred to Dutch Law.
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